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Chemistry was always my passion. I remember rushing to each Chemistry classes starting from Primary School. There was no surprise when I have chosen Chemistry for my Polish equivalent of A level exam and I was the only one at my school making attempt to pass it with highest score in School history at the time;) I knew that I will study Chemistry and I have chosen Chemistry of Bioactive Substances and Cosmetics at Marie Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin (Poland). I have enjoyed this time of my life filled with a lot of laboratory classes and lectures. I’m working within cosmetic industry from 2009. During my high school and university years I was giving Chemistry private lessons preparing people for upcoming exams at help them to understand Chemistry in general, I must admit that I miss this part of my passed life and so I’ve decided to start a Blog about toiletries. On my daily basis I’m formulating new products to customer briefs, reformulating existing products so that they fit better to the market. In general I take care of technical side of New Product Development process from start to launch of the product. You will be able to find here general toiletries information, explanation of whole development process, raw material information. Please ask any question that you might have. I’m happy to help and explain. Please feel free to suggest a topic that you are interested most in.



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